Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chicken Dinner: RTW's Sunday Favorites

Want to read some traditional Western short stories? Try The Western Online. You'll find stories by Richard Prosch, Alec Cizak, J.R. Lindermuth, and lot of other great writers. Read the stories right there online. Can't beat that! And The Western Online is gearing up to celebrate its two-year anniversary, so check it out.

True West Magazine posted an interesting link on Twitter. On August 19, 1985: John Wesley Hardin killed in Texas. You can follow True West Magazine on Twitter: @TrueWestMag

Read a terrific interview with western writer Robert J. Randisi at the Western Fictioneers blog.

Love to chat about the western books you've read? There's a Facebook group for that: Western Book Readers. It's a great group! And it's a no-promo site, for the most part, so you won't be deluged with buy-me ads, just good old-fashioned conversation.

Speaking of which, do you know of any good western reading groups, either traditional, romance, or both, on Goodreads? If so, please share.

Next week, RTW's guest is the talented Karen Michelle Nutt. Can't wait!

We Have A Winner!

hotcha12 will receive a coupon for a free copy of Much Ado About Marshals

Let me know if you reviewed Much Ado About Marshals and I'll send you a sneak peek of the second book in the series, Much Ado About Madams. It's so new, I don't even have a web page for it yet!



  2. You're welcome! Karen has a contest here, too. She's an excellent writer. :)


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