Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chicken Dinner: RTW's Picks of the Week

Halloween has come and gone. Lots of little monsters are still running around, only now they don't have costumes on. All you parents and grandparents know what I'm talking about. We had great fun, though, especially since the kids knew there'd be a 10% assessment on all candies collected. I'm rather partial to Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

So what new and exciting articles have we found in November? Lots, and we're only one week in. Here are a few:

Caroline Clemmons visited Dac Crossley's Western Blog and I'm sure Caroline and Dac would both be happy as puppies on a bug to have you drop by.

Speaking of Caroline Clemmons, she's at Seduced by History, too, writing about clairvoyants and the like. The article is called Do You Believe?

Karen Michelle Nutt received some good news from Night Owl Romance. Her paranormal romance novel, Eli: Warriors for the Light #1 garnered five stars and Top Pick! You can read the full review at Night Owl Romance. Congratulations, Karen, even if it's not one of your westerns. :)

Beth Trissel also received a five-star review for her book, Red Bird's Song. Read about it in her blog post, Book Members Please Note. Kudos, Beth!

How about a western comic strip to brighten up your day? The Western Online features Jud Nelson - Texas Ranger, story by Matthew Pizzolato and graphics by Michael T. Pizzolato.

And who won Optical Delusions in Deadwood by Ann Charles? Sarah McNeal!!! You're in for a treat, Sarah. ODD is a great story but then you also get to enjoy the illustrations by C.S. Kunkle, too!

This week Romancing The West welcomes Jennifer Conner, and her interview will be published Monday. Have a great week!

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  1. Jacquie,
    Thanks so much for the mention--even though it wasn't a western. lol

    Congratulations! I'm sooo jealous.Ann's book looks like a fantastic read. I have it on Wish List at Amazon. Enjoy!

    Congrats on your 5star review, too!

    I'm off to check out the Western Comic Strip!
    Have a great day, everyone!


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