Saturday, February 4, 2012

Chicken Dinner: Cattle, Steampunk, and Hallitosis

Cattle drives are a staple of Westerns, but what about the land and settlers along the trail? They weren't always happy about the damage left in the herd's wake. This is from Large Cattle Drives Ravage Idaho Range and Herds:
the drives were stripping bare a wider and wider swath of trail forage, local cattle were swept into the moving herds and lost, or ranchers had to assign riders to identify and recover their own stock.
You can read several new articles every week, always interesting, at South Fork Companion.

Where can you find the Old West on Facebook? Wild West History Association--my favorite group. Every day, members post interesting pictures and fascinating western historical tidbits--something to learn every single day.

Steampunk? Or the real deal? This is from The Owyhee Avalanche, January 20, 1872, reprinted in the same newspaper January 18, 2012:
A New Flying Machine. A recent monthly meeting of the Franklin Institute was enlivened by a description and exhiition of a model of an aerial ship, the invention of Mr. Judson, a Philadelphia machinist. The new flying machine consisted of a cigar-shaped balloon float made of oiled silk and intended to be inflated with hydrogen gas. Beneath the float and running its entire length is a beam, beneath which runs a pipe conveying compressed air from a large copper receiver, made sufficiently strong to withstand a pressure of one hundred pounds to the square inch, to a pair of cylinders in front, the piston of which gives motion to a large cog wheel which furnishes the motive power of the machine. Crossing the cylinders is a framework supporting shafting and spur wheels, wich drive the fans four on each side, thus propelling the machine through the air. Beneath the float is suspended an enclosed car for the operator and passengers. The float, when inflated, is calculated to last for twenty-four hours. The model works well, and the plan seems practical, and was generally received as the most feasible method yet advanced for navigating the air.
Also printed:
Prescriptions for the breath. From six to ten drops of the concentrated solution of the chlorine of soda, in a wine-glassful of pure spring water, taken immediately after the ablutions of the morning are completed, will sweeten the breath by disinfecting the stomach, which, far from being injured, will be benefited by the medicine. If necessary, this may be repeated in the middle of the day. In some cases the odor arising from the carious teeth is combined with that of the stomach. If the mouth is well rinsed with a teaspoonful of the solution of the chlorine in a tumbler of water, the bad odor of the teeth will be removed.
The Owyhee Avalanche publishes "Looking Back..." each week, and a yearly subscription is only $40, a bargain for those of us who love history.

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