Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chicken Dinner: Spring Fling FreeParTay!

Spring has sprung and it's time to load up your Kindle with some free reads.  Guess what?  I know just where you can do that. 

Oh, wait--you don't have an e-reader?  No problem. 
You can win a Kindle, and you can win an Amazon gift certificate to buy even more books.  How cool is that? 

But more about that later.  First, let's visit 1872 ...

From The Owyhee Avalanche, first printed May 4, 1872, reprinted May 2, 2012:
SOUTH MOUNTAIN [Owyhee County, Idaho Territory]. Throughout this mont the weather has been very changeable here--snowing blowing, hailing, and sunshine, all within fifteen minutes.  There is as much snow at present as there was in January, and snowing like fury today.  It appears as though March and April had changed places, in order to make the mosquito season of short duration.

Two more houses are being built and nearly completed.  Bob Baird is busily engaged finishing his hotel.  The prospecting and development of our mines is somewhat slow at present on account of bad weather.  The Hastings tunnel is 157 feet, running through 60 feet of ore, and they think they have not struck the main body of mineral yet.
These were hearty people.  Building a town and developing mines in such intrepid weather not only taxes the body and spirit, but is dangerous as well.  The town of South Mountain no longer exists, and it's lucky that we even have South Mountain itself--its neighbor, Florida Mountain is no more.  All over the West, entire mountains became empty pits, silver and gold lining the pockets of lucky investors and speculators, but not so often, the miners themselves.

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  1. I love those old newspaper articles. Their grammar and spelling was such fun to see as well as the stories they reported. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Same here. I love the phrase "snowing like fury." This snippet was more for a peek into daily life--not very sensational but you get a lot of of those two paragraphs if you look for it.


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