RTW Submissions

If you'd like to write an article, let me know--western topics only, please.

Reprints are fine as long as you hold the copyright, and the article hasn't been published within the last three months.

G or PG material only—the blog is not labeled “Adult Content.”  The featured books can be steamy, but the cover art, excerpts, interviews, and articles must be geared to a general audience.

Romancing The West features a mix of articles and author interviews (including excerpts) so if you have a western (can be historical, contemporary, steampunk, or paranormal) out, sign up for a feature week.  Send an interview and excerpt (I'll send you an interview form) for Monday and an Old West article for Thursday.  I encourage you to run a contest--free books or gift cards do increase both the number of hits and comments, .  

If you'd like to reserve your week, let me know please.  We book 3 to 6 months ahead, and there’s a 30-day deadline.  I won't be sending reminders so if I don't have your material, I'll fill in your slot with stand-by post.  

If you’d like to book a feature week, let me know at jacquierogers @ gmail.com (remove the spaces).  


Jacquie Rogers

Hearts of Owyhee
Where the Old West really happened!
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Much Ado About Madams
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