Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chicken Dinner: Madams and Orphans

This has been a busy week since Much Ado About Madams had a couple of free days on Amazon, and is now only 99¢.

This book is about six soiled doves, a suffragist, and a brothel owner. It's all in good fun wrapped up in a heartwarming romance. But what about the real calico queens of the Old West?

Generally, the first women to populate a new boomtown, ranching settlement, or near a military installation were the ladies of ill-fame. With a taste for adventure, these ladies showed just as much bravery and derring-do as the miners and cattlemen who forged the new country.

Several sites have good information including:
Soiled Doves: Jan Koski's American Old West, Notorious History and More

And here's a video with pictures of sportin' women. Um, some of them have quite a bit bigger hairdos than wardrobes. Yes, some are nekkid. You have been warned.

We have a Winner!

Ciara Gold, author of
will send
Devon Matthews
a free signed copy!

Congratulations, Devon!


  1. Loved th video. Love the music, too.

  2. Oh, yay! I never win anything, so this is cool! :) Just now finding out. We've been having weather here (rain, blessed rain) and my internet had been in and out. Thank you so much, ladies! Wishing you many, many sales, Ciara!


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