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Cindy Nord: No Greater Glory #civilwar #romance @cnord2

No Greater Glory
by Cindy Nord

Romancing The West welcomes Cindy Nord, 19th Century fashionista (you'll get the complete rundown of underwear on Thursday, so don't miss it!) and author of the fabulous No Greater Glory. Here's her bio:

Born in Arizona, Cindy Nord moved from the southwestern desert to southwestern Indiana during her teenage years, then attended college, married and traveled around the country with her husband. Eventually, she found her niche in the secretarial pool..."I could type fast but had no clue where commas went," she says with a laugh.

After the birth of her two sons, she became a stay-at-home mom. When the boys went down for naps, she settled in to read and escape into the world of historical novels. A thousand stories and a long overdue divorce later, Cindy pulled out her father's Tower typewriter and decided she would write a saga that contained the elements she liked best in a hero.

Cindy met her current husband, Tom, on a Civil War battlefield, where he was portraying a Captain of the 14th Indiana Infantry. Right then and there, she decided to don a corset and become part of a unique little hobby called 'Civil War Reenacting'; something she and her two young sons could enjoy together as a family. The rest, as they say, is history...and Cindy and Tom were married in June 1993. Since then, they've toured many a battlefield, built their dream home, and raised the children to productive adults.

Through the years, Cindy was always surrounded by she knows how they tick. As the only sister between two brothers, she learned how to keep her head above the turbulent waters of male rivalry. She carried that particular understanding into raising her sons. She knows how the male mind works and brings these intriguing elements into the creation of every one of her heroes. And yes, her sassy heroines know exactly how to push their buttons.

Cindy Nord, author
Cindy's writing is fresh and intense, and conflict keeps the pages turning. Born into a family of educators, she eventually learned where all the commas went. And a dozen years later, she handled the grief of her parents' death by pounding away again at the old Tower typewriter. Several manuscripts later, she landed herself a New York Agent who believes her engaging characters should not live in a box under her bed forever.

A member of numerous writers groups, Cindy's work has finaled or won countless times in chapter competitions, including the prestigious Romance Writers of America National Golden Heart Contest. A luscious blend of history and romance, her stories meld both genres around fast-paced action and emotionally driven characters.

RTW: Thanks for joining us today, Cindy! First, please tell us about No Greater Glory.

CN: The year is 1862 and the Army of the Potomac is pushing southward into Virginia. Her home just happens to lie in their path.

Amid the carnage of war, Colonel Reece Cutteridge commandeers far more than just her home. Widowed plantation owner Emaline McDaniels has struggled to hold on to her late husband’s dreams. Despite the responsibilities resting on her slender shoulders, she’ll not let anyone wrest away what’s left of her way of life—particularly a Yankee officer who wants to set up winter camp on her land.

With a defiance born of desperation, she defends her home as though it were the child she never had…and no mother gives up her child without a fight.

Despite the brazen wisp of a woman pointing a gun at his head, Colonel Reece Cutteridge has his orders. Requisition Shapinsay—and its valuable livestock—for his regiment’s use, and pay her with Union vouchers. He never expected her fierce determination, then her concern for his wounded, to upend his heart—and possibly his career.

As the armies go dormant for the winter, battle lines are drawn inside the mansion. Yet just as their clash of wills shifts to forbidden passion, the tides of war sweep Reece away. And now their most desperate battle is to survive the war with their lives—and their love—intact.

Available at Amazon and

RTW: Who would have thought Civil war & romance went together?

CN: American Civil War was such a tumultuous time in our country’s history, and romance is all about the heated struggles to find a happily ever after; both country and couple striving for the same results. This concept intrigued me and I wanted to blend both my love of Civil War history with my romantic idealisms. Having been a Civil War Reenactor for many years and a lover of all things Victorian, I set out to combine the best of these two elements into a single love story reflective of that turbulent time.

RTW: How much research went into writing your story?

CN: My knowledge of the Civil War years and the woman’s role in it comes from a long-standing interest in living history involvement and the research required to obtain the correct portrayal, so I already possessed a good understanding of what I wanted for my character Emaline. My husband also has a love of history and a vast library of Civil War research material which allowed me to produce a solid military framework for my hero.

RTW: If you could revisit the past, what would be your favorite and least favorite part?

CN: Oh, the favorite part is easy: The clothing. Luscious materials and styles. Elegant and graceful. Rich in detailing. The Victorian silhouette of an 1860s woman encased in her six-tiered, steel-banded crinoline defines the lady of that era. The way they looked, the way they carried themselves. My least favorite. The lack of plumbing. I love my showers and my Whirlpool washer and dryer.

RTW: How long did it take you to complete No Greater Glory and what kept you motivated to keep writing?

CN: For years I dabbled with the story and for the most part, it sat in a box under my bed. But in 2007, I blew off the dust, entered the manuscript into the Romance Writers of America National Golden Heart® contest, and became (much to my surprise) a finalist. From that point on I worked diligently on learning the trade and things finally came together when I signed with my agent, the incredible Louise Fury with the Lori Perkins Literary Agency. Louise sold my story to Samhain.

RTW: What's next?

CN: The e-book version of No Greater Glory debuted on July 31st. Within two days it became the #1 Civil War romance at Amazon as well as appearing on their Top 100 historical romances New Release list. I was ecstatic, to say the least. My world-wide Audiobook released the end of September, and the trade-paperback debuts on June 3rd. I’ve just finished my second novel, Saving Callie—a western set in the Southwestern Arizona territory in 1866 is the love story between the colonel’s sister, Callie Cutteridge, and his second-in-command, Jackson Neale.

Great hosting you, Cindy! And we look forward to reading your article on Thursday, Victorian Unmentionables...Oh My!


  1. What a great interview. I have read Cindy's book and I loved it. I fell in love wtiht Reece and Emaline and their growing romance. I usually stay clear of any stories about the wars, but this wasn't a war story at all, It was a great romantic story that you felt in your heart. I am looking forward to Callie's story.

    1. Aww...thxs for popping in, Shirl. I truly appreciate your kind words regarding Reece & Emaline's love story. As you know, NO GREATER GLORY is truly the book of my heart. Warmest regards...♥

  2. Cindy and Jacquie, this was a great interview. I enjoyed learning more about you, Cindy. I have a manuscript like that that I have toyed with for years, and of course, everything has changed now (rule-wise) since I first wrote it. It will have to undergo some major renovations if it's ever to come out from under my bed. LOL But I love how we get these stories in our heads, and fall in love with not only the characters, but the plot and the way everything must happen and we don't let go of it. I fully intend to go back to my old ms. and re-work it. How wonderful to have all that experience with the re-enacting--I'm sure that saved you a ton of research. I have your book and plan to read it on my "reading vacation" around Christmas time.

  3. Delighted you stopped in, Cheryl. Yes ma'am, you know how characters just keep tap, tap, tapping at the door to our hearts until we answer them. Well--'twas how Reece & Emaline entered my life all those years ago. LOL. And please do share your thoughts regarding NO GREATER GLORY after your vacation. I'd truly value your opinion. Happy holidays to you and yours. Warmest regards...♥

  4. Great interview, Jacquie and Cindy! I, for one, and glad you never gave up, because we would have missed out on a fantastic story!


    1. Kirsten!! You and me both, darlin'!! LOL. And thank you for stopping in and sittin' a spell. If'n you would've brought along Cookie, I'd have had Emaline ruffle his hair again. She knows how much he likes it. Whoot! **biggest hugs**...♥

  5. Replies
    1. Aww, always put a great big smile on my face. Thank you so much for your sweet words and for taking the time to drop by...♥

  6. Thank you for hosting one of my favorite authors.

  7. How could we not like Civil War romances with books like this out there? Sound terrific and I'm going to get myself a copy and settle in for a good holiday read. Thanks for a great interview.

    1. Velda, I truly appreciate your vote of confidence. How sweet you are. And the best thing about historicals, aside from the love story of course, is the research that goes into 'em! I had such fun incorporating all 'myself' into Reece 'n Emaline's journey to happily-ever-after! Fingers crossed you enjoy every single part of NO GREATER GLORY. Thank you so much for visiting with me today. ☺

  8. Hi Cindy,
    Great interview! My first book had a similarly long gestation period. Isn't it exciting when you finally get to see it in print and hold it in your hot little hands? No Greater Glory is absolutely on my TBR list--just as soon as I get a minute to myself. Congrats on your success with this one!

    1. These love stories are truly the whispers of our hearts, aren't they Alison? And I'm so pleased you're choosing NGG as one of your holiday reads. Do share your thoughts when you've finished, and thxs so much for stopping by today. ♥

  9. Ooookay...I put all the above names into a hat this morning and had my husband draw one out for an eBook copy of NO GREATER GLORY. The winner is none other than VELDA BROTHERTON!!! (And Velda, if you've already got a copy then I can direct your gift to another person of your choosing). Congratulations and thank you everyone for stopping by yesterday. ♥

  10. I happily report Velda claimed her copy of NO GREATER GLORY yesterday!! And I send a warm, resounding 'thank you' to Jacquie Rogers for inviting me to sit-a-spell on her 'Romancing the West' front porch. Warmest regards, Cindy Nord...♥


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