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Beth Williamson: Living Live by the Code #western @authorbethw

Beth Williamson, author
Living Life 
by the Code
by Beth Williamson

Many people think I'm a little looney to continue to write (and read) historical western romances. I mean, it's a small genre without the giant sales or big shiny bling in the publishing world, right? Ah, but I have loved western romances from the moment I read my first one, which was Elizabeth Lowell's Only His.

I was hooked. HOOKED! The reason why? For many reasons, not the least of which was the fact that western men, cowboys live life by a code of honor. Even the most alpha male has a sense of honor, an ingrained code he abides by.

What does that mean? Why, cowboys are like modern knights. Fierce warriors who carry a weapon, defend those who are defenseless, protect damsels (whether in distress or not), and are just waiting for a strong woman to tame them.


Oh yeah, that's exactly it. I am all about the strong man and the strong woman finding that balance between them, the love that blossoms, and of course, the conflict that arises because of all of it. :)

Cowboys to me are always alpha, whether flamboyantly or just quiet and fierce.

It appeals to me as I have my own ingrained sense of honor, to always make the right decision even if it sucks, and to stand true to what I believe in. I find it incredibly sexy in a man to be hard, unmoving and stubborn. LOL. A cowboy can be tamed if he finds the right woman. ;)

Then of course, it's the whole appeal of a man on a horse. There is just something the sight of a man's behind on a saddle that's just... magic (not to mention the chaps that can frame a nice package ;). They're up high on a horse, thighs gripping the leather saddle, and riding past. It's a thing of beauty, isn't it?

My heroes are usually that hard riding alpha man just simmering with issues and emotional, and sometimes physical, scars. However, they live by the code. Their souls are entwined with honor, even if they're a pain in the ass at first.

I have many favorite cowboys of course, but I'll have to pick Caleb Black in Only His by Elizabeth Lowell. Of my own heroes, I'd have to say that Zeke from Devils on Horseback series and Grady Wolfe from Ruthless Heart are my favorite.

How about y'all, who's your fav and why?


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  1. Hope I am the lucky winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yes, yes. Cowboys on horses, chaps, boots and hats all put together. I started out writing westerns, then shifted to romances to add some lust and fun to the stories. Like you I wouldn't shift to something with more bang on the market, even if I could. Thanks for a great post that mirrored all my thoughts about western historical romances. For my faves, any character carried to the screen by Tom Selleck, the best dang cowboy. I imagine him every time I create a hero on horseback. Is that cheating? I hope not.

  3. I'm probably too late for the contest, but I agree with Beth Williams. I think there may be more western historical romance readers out there than publishers realize.

  4. woops. Forgot to leave my contact info in case I'm not too late for the contest.

  5. I don't recall the Lowell book you referenced, I'll have to go look for that one. Thanks for the heads up. lisagk@yahoo


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