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The Gila Wars by Larry D. Sweazy #western #newrelease @larrydsweazy

The Gila Wars
by Larry D. Sweazy

Romancing The West welcomes Larry D. Sweazy, author of Josiah Wolfe, Texas Ranger series for Berkley.  I "met" him online as a member of Western Fictioneers.  He's an award-winning author, including the SPUR Award for The Coyote Tracker, the fifth book in the Josiah Wolfe series.  Now let's learn a little about him when he's not writing!

About Larry
Outside of writing, I'm also a full time freelance back of the book indexer. I've indexed over 650 books in 12 years, covering a broad range of topics; religion, politics, business, and a ton of computer books for Pearson Education and Cengage. I also volunteer weekly for a local bird rehabber, and my wife of 26 years, Rose, do everything from clean cages to feed the owls and hawks their daily rats. I've held everything from a baby hummingbird all the way up to a bald eagle--which was one of the most amazing and scary experiences of my life.

About the Book
Larry D. Sweazy,
Texas Ranger Josiah Wolfe and his friend Scrap Elliot are ready to extinguish the loathsome Juan Cortina. Unfortunately, their direct orders are only to spy on Cortina’s cattle rustlers, which makes them two easy gringo targets. So much so that their first scuffle leaves Josiah seriously injured and Scrap to pursue Cortina’s men on his own.

Recovering from his deadly injury, Josiah is hit with a Dear John letter from his sweetheart. Luckily, a Mexican girl, Francesca, is there to help heal his wounds. But when Scrap returns, full of malice directed towards his former comrade, Josiah can no longer tell who his friends are and where his heart lies. Only one thing is certain—he must put an end to Cortina’s reign before it’s too late.

Excerpt of
The Gila Wars
by Larry D. Sweazy

The room was empty. Darkness surrounded Josiah, and for a long moment he listened to see if he could hear anything other than his own breathing and heartbeat. There was nothing, not even the distant cluck of a chicken. A black cloak had fallen over the world, covering him along with it

He stared at the ceiling, glad that he felt very little pain His face still stung, but the salve that had been placed there seemed to have worked. The bandage was off, and thankfully, infection hadn’t set into that wound. Taking a branding iron to his face was beyond the grasp of his imagination. The pain would last long beyond the initial sizzle, and the scar would ride with him for the rest of his life A reminder of his failure to see what was coming next with the two unnamed men in the cantina. A closer fight, one with worthier opponents, and the same outcome would have been easier to carry. But he didn’t have to worry about that. The deeper scar he would carry, if he lived on to see another day, would be hidden, like most of his other scars

Ron Scheer hosted Larry, where they discuss the book in more depth. Excellent interview at Buddies In The Saddle!


  1. Happy to "meet" you, Larry. Now I'll have to get your books because I found the excerpt intriguing. Wishing you continued success.

  2. Thanks, Caroline... Hope you enjoy them.

  3. A compelling passage, Larry, of a man alone and branded for life, maybe preoccupied with payback? I know, I'll have to find out myself. And, I will.

  4. You wouldn't want me to spoil it for you would you, Tom? Enjoy...


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