Saturday, May 17, 2014

99¢ today! MUCH ADO ABOUT MARSHALS @fkbt #romance

Book 1 of the Hearts of Owyhee series

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5 stars from LKGlover: Need a break? This is a FUN book (seriously--when's the last time you read a laugh-out-loud book?)! Turn off the iphone, kick off yer boots (or Jimmy Choos) and let Jacquie Rogers provide that mini-vacation you KNOW you need!

Daisy Gardner wants to be a detective, just like her dime novel heroine, Honey Beaulieu.  She does not want to be a farm wife, but that’s what her parents want.  So what better solution to her dilemma than to marry the new marshal?

Cole Richards is honest, forthright, and stuck in a situation where he must lie and deceive or he and Bosco might end up as honored guests at a necktie party.  That’s why he plays along with being the town marshal.  He didn’t count going toe to toe with a lady detective who has marriage on her mind.

5 stars from romantchick: Nancy Drew meets William Shakespeare ...hilarious characters, memorable colloquialisms, a clever, engaging plot and fine writing. All of which recommends Roger's Much Ado About Marshals as everything to do about a charming, well-written romp.

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  1. One of my favorite heroes from one of my favorite authors! Tweeted and posted on Facebook.


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