Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chicken Dinner: Outlaws and Froot Loops

The kids are gone for the weekend and this house seems eerily quiet. Not that I've scraped the Froot Loops off the table yet. Future cowhands need Froot Loops to build muscle, you understand.

It's been a solid gold week for those of us who are hungry to learn about the Old West. Here are a few:

Tired of the same old bad guys? There's a terrific article at The Western Online about outlaw and murderer Marion Hedgepeth. He might've had a sissy name and dressed like a dandy, but stay outta this man's way!

Bull Durham Tobacco Pouch

If you read or write any time period between 1492 and the 1970s, tobacco will be involved. By the end of World War II, over half the men under 40 used tobacco in some way. When was snuff popular? Cigars? Find out at Unusual Historicals.

Want to see some 19th Century Nebraska houses? Richard Prosch has pictures complete with people (family members?). See them now at Meridian Bridge. While you're there, check out Richard's free reads, and follow him on Twitter.

I met Mary E. Trimble last month at the Friends of Stanwood Library meeting where Mary, Norman W. Wilson PhD, and I presented a program. She's a wonderful writer and an interesting person, and you can read about her at Writers of the West.

Paty Jager received the ultimate compliment for a historical writer, that her setting felt so real. Paty had never visited the area, and she tells us how she researched the setting for her story at Sweethearts of the West.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Jacquie! A swell bunch of articles there --and here on your blog too! I so need to get caught up!

  2. You're welcome, Richard. Good stuff at Meridian Bridge!


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