Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chicken Dinner: Christmas in the Old West

by Jacquie Rogers
Copyright © 2011 Jacquie Rogers

The holiday season is here in its glory! Do you have your shopping done? I haven't started yet--two-day shipping is my friend.

Life was a little different a hundred years ago. Here's an article called Winter Festivities in the Old West. No matter how Hollywood draws the picture, the Old West was a melting pot of race and religion, upright citizens and the tawdry--but all enjoyed a day off now and again, especially Christmas.

Legends of America always has something interesting. Take a look at the Old West Legends: A Pioneer Christmas page. Life in the Old West has a good article, too: Celebrating Christmas in the Old West.

In the spirit of Christmas (and all those new Kindles we'll be getting!) the Indie Book Collective is sponsoring the 12 days of Christmas
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Special thanks to this week's guest, Karen Witemeyer. Didn't you just love her posts? If you missed them, take a look at her interview and excerpt, then at her article, When History Inspires... And guess what? We have a winner! Tracey D won a copy of To Win Her Heart. Congratulations, Tracey!

Romancing The West is going dark during the holidays. Okay, sorta gray, actually. I'll be posting occasionally, and we might even have a post-Christmas sale, so don't stray too far. :)

Our next featured guest will be Stacy Coverstone on January 9th.


  1. I'm posting, but doubt anyone will be reading! Might as well take a few days off. But, yum, all those people who receive e-readers for Christmas will be buying books--ours, I hope!

  2. It's a trade-off as to whether it takees more time to feature guests (scheduling, interviewing, tracking, formatting, and posting, then contest and follow-up), or just post something yourself. I enjoy having guests because I learn more :) and the variety.

    So I wonder where all the after-Christmas book sales will be?

  3. Good article. As soon as I have time (lol), I want to read the Celebrating Christmas in the Old West. I saved it and printed it out. That was when we called Christmas by it's name and not by "The Holiday.)

  4. Callie, thanks for stopping by. And yes, I must admit that I've reverted to the politically incorrect Merry Christmas. For one thing, it's just so stressful to remember all the rules. LOL


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