Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chicken Dinner: Merlin, Zerelda Mimms, and Facebook

It's a busy week in my neck of the woods. I have a new release out: Willow, Wish For Me. It's a short story blend of the Old West and Merlin. What's it about?
  • A high-society debutante seeking solace as an herb farmer in the Old West.
  • A high-stakes gambler hired to retrieve said debutante for her unscrupulous suitor.
  • A money-hungry, status seeking ex-fiancĂ© who doesn't get the "ex" part.
  • And Merlin, King Arthur's powerful sorcerer, re-emerges as a mule to fulfill his own destiny.
Idaho Territory: 1885
Willow escaped Boston and is now a content herb farmer, but she's lonely. When making a frivolous wish upon a star, she dreams a man who became her heart's desire. One day, as she was weeding, that very man rides up on a mule! But he's not the man of her dreams--instead, he's been hired to hand her over to the one man she despises...her ex-fiancé. How could Willow's wish go so awry?

If you like out-of-the box stories, this just might be the ticket for you!

This week in the Old West:

April 22, 1889: the Oklahoma Territory Land Rush. See Callie Hutton's article right here on Romancing The West.

April 24, 1874: Zerelda Mimms marries Jesse James.

April 28, 1876: A new boomtown is founded in Dakota Territory called Deadwood.

Want to keep up with what happened in the Old West each day? There's a Facebook group for that: Today in the Old West. While you're on Facebook, check out the Western Historical Romance Book Club--a great place for readers and writers of WHR!

We Have A Winner!
Congratulations to
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Callie Hutton's

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