Saturday, April 14, 2012

Chicken Dinner: Cowboy Kisses, Annie Oakley, and an Earthquake

Cowboy Kisses is a new group blog out for Western Historical Romance readers and writers. We already have some terrific articles up. This week, Lyn Horner writes about The Roots of Western Romance, Devon Mathews tantalizes us with The Gunfighter - Bad Boy With A Big Gun, and my article is Ride For The Brand.

And, just for kicks, take a look at my new banner:

I'll have a new short story out this week so be watching for it--it's a fast, fun read.  (Still working on a title and cover art.)  Also, I have a blog post on Authors By Moonlight about the Re-emergence of Western Historical Romance, considering today's publishing market.
  • April 15: In 1871, W.B. Hickok is appointed marshal of Abilene, Texas. Ten years later, in 1881 William Bonney is sentenced to death in Mesilla, New Mexico. And in 1885 Annie Oakley joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West Extravaganza.
  • April 16: Cockeyed Frank Loving is killed in a shootout with John Allen in 1882.
  • April 18: In 1906, an earthquake in San Francisco kills 700 residents and destroys 28,000 buildings.
  • April 19: The 49ers set out from St. Joseph, Missouri (in 1849, obviously), and in 1863 most of Denver burns.
  • April 21: Denver gets electricity in 1883.
Troy D. Smith treated us with a portion of his dissertation this week here at Romancing The West. If you haven't read The Flight of Opothleyahola, better go do it now. He packed a lot of interesting history in one article, and I was especially intrigued about the Native American involvement in the Civil War. If you want to read an excerpt from his latest fiction work, go to Troy D. Smith: Cherokee Winter.

And the winner of Troy's book is:
Caroline Clemmons!
Congratulations, Caroline


  1. Yep, Troy is so talented and Caroline is one lucky winner! And also very talented. :)

  2. I love the trivia tidbits


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