Wednesday, August 8, 2012

#KindleFreeBook - Willow Wish For Me

Free August 8th and 9th!
Willow, Wish For Me
by Jacquie Rogers

Ever wish upon a star? Willow, Wish For Me is #free today!  Get a free story that will make you laugh a little and sigh a little.  Romance, action, some magic, and a side dish of humor is just the ticket for an hour's escape from the chaos of real life. 

Did you wonder where Merlin went after Morgana froze him in a crystal?  Well, he showed up in Idaho Territory.  The year was 1885 but no one recognized him because, um, he'd turned into a mule!

From Diana Coyle, Night Owl Romance reviewer:
Ms. Rogers has outdone herself yet again by penning a fun and wacky story that makes you laugh out loud while you’re turning the pages.,. Whenever I read her stories I always strap myself in and prepare to take a fun and wild ride through one of her written adventures.

* Saddle up for another fun story from Jacquie Rogers. * BookwormForever

* I've loved Jacquie Rogers' stories since I read Down Home Ever Lovin' Mule Blues and she hasn't disappointed me yet. This is another hit.
Willow is funny and sweet.
* A. Chambers

  • A high society debutante seeking solace as an herb farmer in the Old West.
  • A high stakes gambler hired to retrieve said debutante for her unscrupulous suitor.
  • A money-hungry, status-seeking ex-fiancé doesn't get the "ex" part.
  • And Merlin, King Arthur's powerful sorcerer, re-emerges as a mule to fulfill his own destiny.
Idaho Territory: 1885

Willow escaped Boston and is now a content herb farmer, but she's lonely. When making a frivolous wish upon a star, she dreams a man who became her heart's desire. One day, as she was weeding, that very man rides up on a mule! But he's not the man of her dreams--instead, he's been hired to hand her over to the one man she despises--her ex-fiancé. How could Willow's wish go so awry?

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  1. Thanks, Jacquie. Can't wait to read this one. I always love your books!


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