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Robert Vaughan: Peacemaker Lifetime Achievement Award Winner! #western

Robert Vaughn, author
Charley, Muse
A Few Words From 
Robert Vaughan
on the
Lifetime Achievement Award

So, I’ve won the Lifetime Achievement Award. When I first read that I had won, I was thrilled. That’s quite an honor.

Then I began to think about it. Lifetime? Whoa…that’s pretty absolute, isn’t it? I mean, I only have one lifetime, and I’m not finished with it yet. I hope that I have at least a few more years left.

But, I’ve already been given a lifetime award. “Here you go, Dick, here’s your lifetime award. We’re through with you now. Time for you to go to the Old Soldiers’ Home, or The Villages, or ride off into the sunset . . . whatever it is that old soldiers and Western writers do.

All right, maybe I have done a lifetime of writing — almost five hundred books, at least 200 of which are Westerns. But wait…200 Western novels with Robert Vaughan’s name? Well, not quite. I have fallen into the great Sargasso Sea of literature. I have written under almost 50 pseudonym, many of them names that I’m sworn to secrecy never to reveal. Were I to reveal all of my pseudonyms, a curse would fall upon the Alabama Crimson Tide, and the St. Louis Cardinals, and neither team would ever win another championship  all because they are my favorite teams and I had, by violating my agreement, jinxed them for the next 100 years.

I could never do that . . . I would not want to face Bear Bryant and Stan Musial up in heaven and try to explain to them what I had done. So, these great and respected, best-selling names, will forever remain a secret. All right, I won the SPUR from that “other” organization, writing as KC McKenna. and I can at least say that, though I have despite repeated attempts over the last 20 years, been unable to get that “other” organization to put an addendum on their history page, crediting me with “writing as.”

Ah, but good news! I have a Western coming out from Simon and Schuster this June — UNDER MY OWN NAME!  HOORAY! It is called When Hell came to Texas. It would really be nice to see a book, under my own name, match the sales of some of my ghost projects. Maybe if you would all tell ten friends, and they would tell ten friends and . . . well . . . you know how it goes. [RTW Note: you can pre-order now!]

My heartiest congratulations to the Peacemaker recipients who won with their own names. I have met many of you, but consider all, even those of you I’ve never met in person, to be friends.

Congratulations to Robert Vaughan, a wonderful and talented writer no matter what name his titles are under.


  1. Actually, Lifetime Achievement means now you can't quit ;-)

    1. Yep! Time to start working on the next Lifetime Achievement award. Will only take you another 500 books. Grease those keys. :)

  2. Robert--I am duly impressed. 200 books? Astounding, from my point of view. I write western romance, but for years, I only read Westerns. That was back in the late 80s, early 90s, before I discovered I actually liked romance novels.
    Maybe I've read some of yours, since you have so many aliases. Congratulations on such an outstanding award. I'll never come close.

  3. Robert, I've heard you speak several times. I'm a member of DARA, where I was privileged to hear you a couple of times, and I also heard you speak in Houston. You are a terrific speaker and a hoot and a half. I am so impressed at your prolific writing and believe you deserve at least on Lifetime Achievement Award. Keep going and maybe one of your pseudonyms will receive one.

  4. Congratulations on your award! Looking forward to the new book.

    Nothing wrong with being a "behind the scenes" guy. Lots of famous studio musicians and TV writers have worked on many hits are in the same boat - well known within their industry but unknown to the general public.

  5. I am awed and inspired by your commitment to writing. I have enjoyed your books, especially the Hawke series, perhaps because I play piano and love music. Also they were a fun read. Congratulations and I look forward to another lifetime of your writing and books. Doris

  6. WOW. That is a LOT of books, Dick! I don't think I'll ever make that number. Congratulations again on receiving the Peacemaker Lifetime Achievement Award. Even if you didn't write a lot of these under your own name, you have the satisfaction of knowing that people read and enjoyed them--and what a great body of work!

  7. I should live so long to write 200 Westerns plus 300 or so of the others. Congrats, Mr. Vaughn, for the Lifetime Achievement Award!

  8. CONGRATULATIONS Dick. A well deserved award from you peers. It doesb't get any better than that.

  9. Dick: Am very proud of you and this award that you deserve so well. I expect you'll write more than 500 books and I hope you name is on the next 100. This recognition is long overdue, and I don't think this is the last honor you will receive. Hearty congratulations on this one, for sure.
    Jory Sherman


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