Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chicken Dinner: Log Cabins

Log cabins are the symbol of American families' hardiness and ethics. Anyone every used Log Cabin syrup on your waffles? Nice brand name. And guess what William Henry Harrison used for his campaign logo? Yep, a log cabin.

Diane Davis White was gracious to post her family's log cabin history, so RTW will feature log cabins for today's Chicken Dinner.  C'mon in and have a cup of coffee and a slice of hot homemade bread with fresh-churned butter while you take a look at our mini-tour of log cabins.

Pioneer Resources & Webliography has five interesting pages about log cabin life: daily chores, how families lived, food, and how to build a log cabin. Check it out for a good overview of all these topics.

For a more scholarly take on the log cabin, its origin, the varieties, uses, and a bibliography, the National Park Service is just the ticket.

Wanna actually see some? Check out YouTube:
The Living History School's Pioneer Log Cabin Tour

You can browse YouTube for all sorts of how-to videos--construction, chinking, finishing, furnishing.

Next week: Paty Jager!

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  1. Jacquie, Hero and I are going to a family mini-reunion in Lubbock this week and while there I hope to get to the Ranching Heritage Center behind the Texas Tech Museum. I'll have my camera with me and take plenty of photos. One of the stone cabins there is a line shack from a ranch my husband's uncle managed.

  2. Send 'em! We should do an article on stone cabins.


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