Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chicken Dinner: RTW's Fun Sites

I read several websites and blogs, most not on a regular basis because of the time factor, but I do like to drop in every now and again. So for Chicken Dinner today, I decided to post some interesting sites that nearly always have new and interesting content.

If you have a western blog or website and would like to be listed in a Chicken Dinner post, please let me know. (jacquierogers @ but without the spaces.)
Dac Crossley
Dac Crossley is a western writer and has a terrific blog. I thoroughly enjoyed his post on chiggers. Okay, so I itched for an hour after I read it...nevertheless, he always finds something interesting to chat about. Stop by Dac Crossley's Western Blog and you'll see what I mean.

Owyhee Avalanche
in Homedale, Idaho

This isn't actually a western blog, and the updates aren't necessarily timely, but talk about content. Wow. And the extra cool thing is that they featured my hometown newspaper, Owyhee Avalache. Yes, I cheated and took you directly to that page. Go back to the home page if you want to see Wild Bill Hickok's death notice and some other interesting news items.

Here's a blog sponsored by the Aurora History Boutique, so each blog entry includes listings to their store where you can buy certain items mentioned. The blog itself is called History Blog and I look at the Old West Category. Topic range from the history of mocassins to Annie Oakley. There are only a couple pages of entries but I enjoyed them.

And here's your laugh of the day from Larissa Lyons: Oh My. Oh Moo!

We Have A Winner!

Deborah Macgillivray won a free copy of Much Ado About Marshals! Congratulations, Deborah!  Since she's the cover designer, I guess I'll have to send her a print book. LOL.

Everyone: drop a line to jacquierogers @ and I'll send you a sneak peek of Much Ado About Madams, the second book in the Much Ado series.


  1. HA! I can't wait to read Much Ado About Madams. LOL!!

  2. Thanks, Meg. All the "ladies" are color-coded because the brothel owner is color blind. :)


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