Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chicken Dinner: RTW's Favorite Wildlife Sites

We say "buffalo" but if you want to find the giant herds on the internet you'd better search for "American Bison." I'll give you a head start:
Thunder Ridge Bison

Ultimate Ungulate

How about moose? Or is that meese? Take a look at these sites:
Moose History
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles
American Museum of Natural History

The beaver probably had more to do with the European exploration of the American West than any other animal. The market for beaver pelts triggered a whole new industry. Read more here:

Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks
Beaver Pictures and Facts

We Have A Winner!

Julianne won a free copy of Carolyn Clemmons' Home Sweet Texas Home! Congratulations, Julianne!

Thank you, Caroline, for stopping by Romancing The West this week. 

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