Saturday, March 10, 2012

Chicken Dinner: Madams, Saloon Art, and Tonto

Today is a fun day for me because Much Ado About Madams was released on Kindle! This is the second book in the Hearts of Owyhee series, and a fun book. What author would have a great time with a hunky rancher, six whores, a cook, and a suffragist? Here's the blurb:

A suffragist schoolteacher with a hidden past,
Six shopworn whores cooking up plans for a better future,
And a hunky rancher who isn't quite sure what to do with all these women...
Life isn't always comfortable at The Comfort Palace!

This series is set in Owyhee County, Idaho, and The Comfort Palace is in Dickshooter. Yes, that really is a name of a town, although a friend of mine researched it and can't find much information at all. We're not even sure it existed in 1882 when the book is set--but the cool thing about writing fiction is you can play fast and loose with geography, which I did. After all, what better place for a brothel than Dickshooter?

Which got me to thinking about saloon art. I'm on the Wild West History Association group on Facebook, and Jeff Smith frequently posts saloon art--all in the spirit of historical research of course. His dedication knows no bounds. So I went searching on the internet and found some art on Legends of America. You can buy prints from them suitable for framing.

Are you ready for Captain Jack Sparrow to play Tonto? Check out the interview with Armie Hammer about the production of the new Lone Ranger movie. I loved the Lone Ranger television series and I have mixed emotions about the new movie. Keep positive thoughts because a successful movie would be good for all Western readers and writers.

We Have a Winner!
won a copy of Dashing Druid by Lyn Horner
Special thanks to western romance author Lyn Horner who was the RTW guest last week!

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