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Spotlight on Mélange Publishing

Spotlight on
Mélange Publishing

Today, Romancing The West features 
owner of Mélange Publishing
He's also an author of fiction and non-fiction titles, a book and art critic, retired professor of the humanities, and educator in the public school system.  Dr. Wilson is a firm believer in the pay-it-forward concept and has assisted many authors and students in their endeavors.

RTW: Welcome to RTW, Dr. Wilson.  Please introduce us to Mélange Publishing—what is the Mélange philosophy?

Norman W Wilson, PhD
NWW: My wife and I launched Melange Publishing to publish my own books and those of a couple of friends. Tired of the 'traditional' publishing routine we felt that each book should be a creation and not a product. Jacquie Rogers, one of my other authors, and I both feel that we want to celebrate creativity, the pursuit of knowledge, and present quality literary entertainment. As we have developed the company, it has become apparent there is a need for a dedicated independent publishing house. Now that we are getting the kinks worked out we'll accept manuscripts in the near future. We will always be selective and make every effort to maintain the author's integrity.

RTW: What are your personal credentials to run a publishing company?

NWW: Before going into the publishing business I was a professional reviewer for two major publishing houses in the Northeast. I have had several college texts published. Management skills come from chairing an English Department in a public school, owning and operating a bookstore, and just generally being bossy. I write professionally, and review books for the New York Journal of Books.

Western Romance from
Mélange Publishing

RTW: In the current market, many authors choose to self-publish, but you chose to form an actual publishing company with credentials, then invite authors on board. Why do you look at authors first, before you agree to review their books? This is either innovative or crazy.

NWW: Probably more crazy than anything else. I had a source of potential clients in a group called 1st Turning Point, a collective of authors, musicians, and artists. Second, I own a LinkedIn group called Authors, Writers, Publishers, Editors and through these and other writers' groups I get to know authors. I gain a sense of what they are all about. If I feel there is a match with Mélange, they might get an invitation to submit a manuscript. Submission doesn't guarantee acceptance.

RTW: Mélange offers quite a mix of books—mystery, romance, non-fiction—what’s in store for us in the future?

NWW: At the present time I am looking toward publishing series in the genres of romance and speculative fiction.

RTW: Let’s talk about your books. Through Mélange Publishing, you personally have released two non-fiction books with another in the works shortly, and two speculative fiction books in your Shamanic Mysteries series. When can we expect to see more of the Shamanic Mysteries, and tell us a little about why you wanted to write about Adam and Esaugetuh in the first place.

NWW: The first two books in the Shamanic Mysteries are out now: The Shaman's Quest, and The Shaman's Transformation.  I hope to have the third book, The Shaman's War in print by late fall. About the series: Adam means 'man of the earth' and Native Americans are known to have had an affinity for the natural and sacred world. Esaugetuh whose name means 'master of breath' plays a dual role: He is a shaman and like young Adam, is on a quest. The mythology of the concepts fascinates.

I have two non-fiction books out: Shamanism: What It's All About, and DUH! The American Educational Disaster.  In a couple of weeks my new non-fiction book, So You THINK You Want To Be A Buddhist will be available.

RTW: Are you taking submissions now? What goes into your decision to invite an author on board?

NWW: Actually, I answered this question a bit earlier. However, I want to point out something about Mélange Publishing. We do not charge the author to publish. We are not a vanity press. We expect the manuscript to come to us, complete and print ready.

Thanks for visiting Romancing The West, Dr. Wilson! 

We'll be treated by an article on shamanism this week, so stay tuned. 


  1. Thank you for telling us about Melange. But when you state that you expect the manuscript to be complete and print ready, does that mean you don't edit? Everyone needs to be edited. Critique partners and beta readers aren't the same as a thorough editing.

  2. Hello Eilis,
    Thank for taking the time to ask a question. Melange Publishing expects authors it publishes to be professional. That equates, to no major editing. Melange will make a check for obvious typos and errors of grammar. If an author who wishes to be considered by Melange feels the need of editing, they are free to hire a professional editor.

  3. I note the word 'you' did not print. I guess I am going to have accept the fact I need a new keyboard. Sticky keys are not acceptable.


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