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Stacey Coverstone: A Haunted Twist of Fate

A Haunted Twist of Fate
by Stacey Coverstone

RTW: Thanks for visiting Romancing The West this week, Stacey. I love your book cover.  How intriguing!  So before we discuss other things, please give us a brief description of A Haunted Twist of Fate.

SC: While grieving a loss, Shay Brennan is drawn to the Black Hills of South Dakota and finds herself the owner of a historic 1885 saloon. Soon, she realizes she's not alone in the Buckhorn. Two ghosts are sending her messages. One needs her help; the other is intent on doing harm.

Colt Morgan, a widowed realtor, is a non-believer in the paranormal, but he finds himself helping Shay solve the mystery of who the spirits are. How does his connection to an old friend tie in with her and the haunting?

You can win a free hardback edition of this novel.
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RTW: What led you to writing western romance?

SC: I’ve always been an avid reader, but honestly, romance was not a genre that ever interested me. All my adult life, I wanted to try my hand at writing a novel, too, but a busy life kept me from doing more than dreaming about it. Then, in 2006, my husband gave me a unique gift for my having earned a Master’s degree. He sent me to Cowgirl Camp at the Double E Ranch in Gila, New Mexico for a week. It was such and exciting and memorable experience, I came home inspired to write a western romance novel. As soon as I finished that book, I immediately started on a second, sent it to a publisher, and it was accepted and published in 2007. I found my niche in western romance, and I’ve been on a roll ever since, with seven novels published and another one coming soon.

RTW: Do you live the western lifestyle in your real life, or only in your novels?

Stacey Coverstone, author

SC: My husband and I live on the east coast in a rural county in Maryland, where there are bull riding competitions, mule pulls, horse trails to ride, and other western events that we enjoy. Up until recently, we owned three horses, and I rode with my husband. Now we’re down to one family horse, Bill, who is the sweetest horse in the world.

From April to October, my husband, Paul, and Bill participate in team penning, pole bending, and other horse riding events at a ranch near us. Paul also participates in Cowboy Action Shooting, a shooting sport in which contestants compete with firearms typical of those used in the taming of the Old West. In those events, he goes by an alias (Salinas Kid) and dresses appropriate to a western person of the late 19th century. I really enjoy watching and cheering him on in these activities.

I also like to shoot, and the two of us enjoy traveling out west when we can and staying at ranches and going to rodeos. Our home is decorated and furnished western style, and we wear our boots and cowboy hats all the time, which tells you how much we love, and live, the lifestyle.

RTW: Your new book, A Haunted Twist of Fate, combines a contemporary story with a historical story. It also mixes a western setting with paranormal elements. What’s that all about?

SC: I love the idea of the past intruding on the present, especially when restless spirits are involved. I enjoy reading and writing paranormal (ghost) stories and thought the combination of a present-day couple discovering they each have ties to ghosts from the past would make an interesting plot. I’ve enjoyed visiting ghost towns, and there are so many stories and legends about ghosts who haunt saloons, churches, homes and cemeteries in the west that it seemed natural for me to tie a cowboy, romance and ghosts together in a mystery.

RTW: Why is Colt Morgan perfect for Shay Brennan?

SC: Shay comes from a wealthy family and has trust issues after having been betrayed by two men who were only interested in her money. Before his wife died, Colt was a faithful and loving husband. He is a confidant and successful man who doesn’t need, or want, Shay’s money. Being an only child, and having lost both her parents, Shay misses the comfort and support of an extended family, which Colt, his parents, his brother and new sister-in-law can provide. Lastly, Colt is my ideal of a western man. He’s laid back, resembles the very handsome George Strait, sings and plays guitar, and has a great sense of humor. That makes him the perfect match for a city girl like Shay who has decided to “go country.”

RTW: Lucky us! Thanks for sending an excerpt from A Haunted Twist of Fate. Please set the scene for us.

SC: Two hearts in the present are linked to two souls in the past. Is it coincidence? Or could it be a haunted twist of fate?

Excerpt (G or PG rated, 200 to 500 words)

The voice whispered across the air, nudging Shay Brennan awake. “Who’s there?” she mumbled groggily, while rolling onto her side. The springs of the old iron bed squeaked under her weight.
It came again, soft, lilting in her ear. “Shhhaaay.”

Fingernails stroked her jaw. A palm caressed her cheek. Eyes popping open, Shay jolted up and bumped the back of her head on the bars of the headboard. With her back rigid, she scooted to a sitting position and glanced around the room, clutching the downy pillow to her chest. It took a moment for her to remember where she was. It was her first night sleeping in the Buckhorn Saloon, an 1885 Hill City establishment located in the historic section of town on the original Main Street. She’d walked past it a week ago. Having seen a For Sale sign in the window, she’d made an offer on a whim and closed on the legendary South Dakota property this afternoon.

“Who’s there?” she repeated, touching her cheek and blinking several times as her eyes adjusted to the darkness of the bedroom. Goosebumps prickled her arms, and a chill crept across her nape.

“Shay.” The voice spoke clear and strong this time. Shay’s attention flew to the foot of the bed, where a gray mist began to take shape. With her heart lodged in her throat and barely able to breathe, her body began to quake. She bit back a scream when the unearthly figure of a female materialized.

“Help…me,” the woman whispered, outstretching a ghostly arm. In a white petticoat and V-shaped corset that closed in the front with ribbon ties, the woman appeared to be dressed in Victorian undergarments. Her hair was blonde, piled high on top of her head with long curls streaming down her back. And those eyes… they were as vivid blue as any Shay had ever seen. Black and blue marks ringed the woman’s neck.

Shay’s gaze moved again to those clear eyes, and without warning, her throat closed up. If felt like she was being choked. Invisible hands were around her neck and frigid fingers pressed into her flesh, making it a struggle to breathe. The pressure on her throat was intense for a few seconds before it let up. Coughing, Shay gasped for air, and when she looked up again, the manifestation had disappeared.

She stroked her sore neck with trembling hands. She’d barely had time to process what had just happened when an urgent knocking came from downstairs. Was it the ancient oil furnace kicking on? Or someone at the front door? The clock beside her read midnight. Who would be knocking on her door at this hour?

RTW: Great excerpt!  Where can we buy this book?

SC: A Haunted Twist of Fate is available at Amazon.
RTW: What will you have for us next?

SC: Big Sky, a contemporary western romance with paranormal elements is being released on February 10, 2012 from The Wild Rose Press. Here’s a blurb:

Taylor never expected her reluctant homecoming to include a murder, a ghost…and a hunk of a ranch foreman.

Photographer Taylor Young fled to L.A. following her sister’s betrayal six years ago. Now Jamie’s dead, Mama has broken a hip in a drunken fall, and Taylor’s stepfather begs her to return to her family’s Montana ranch to make amends.

After a bitter divorce, Brett Austin, foreman of the Slash Y Ranch, believes horses are more of a sure thing than women. But the boss's daughter changes all that when she sets his heart bucking like a wild bronc.

When Taylor’s mother insists Jamie’s death was not suicide—a theory confirmed by Jamie’s ghost—Taylor wonders who could have wanted her sister dead. With a list of suspects as long as her camera strap, Taylor needs an ally. Could that person be a tall drink of water in a cowboy hat?

RTW: Anything else you’d like to add?

SC: I also have a collection of short ghost stories on Kindle that you can buy for only $1.99. And my romantic suspense, Tularosa Moon, will be coming from The Wild Rose Press sometime in 2012. You can find blurbs, excerpts, and purchasing information for all my books on my website. While you’re browsing, please feel free to join my Announce Only Newsletter (sign up on my Contact page), if you’d like to receive updates on book releases. And I’d love to hear from you if you’ve read any of my books.

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SC: Thank you to Jacquie for having me this week.

RTW: Thank you, Stacey! We'll look forward to your article this Thursday on haunted saloons. :)


  1. Loved the post! Thanks so much for sharing! Is A Haunted Twist of Fate available in digital format? I'd love to read it. Unfortunately, my bookshelves are already way overloaded and sagging under the weight - I have totally sworn off print books because of that.

    Also Stacy, I would be delighted to feature you on my blog with a guest post or interview.:-)

    Laurie's Paranormal Thoughts & Reviews

  2. Unfortunately, Laurie, this book won't be available on Kindle until this time next year. I understand your bookshelves being overloaded. My book collection is stored in boxes in my upstairs closet for that reason. I would love to be featured on your blog. I'll send you an email.

  3. Hey Stacey.....I understand...thanks for the fast reply. Look forward to getting your email!

  4. Stacey Coverstone is an ew author for me but not for long. A Haunted Twist of Fate sounds great; I've added it to my wish list.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  5. Hi Tracey,
    Maybe you'll get lucky and win a copy of my book. In the meantime, feel free to check out my website for my other published books you might enjoy.

  6. The excerpt was great - it sounds intriguing! I believe my daughter will enjoy reading this novel.

  7. Hi Neighbor..well almost as I live in PA so just a little distance between us.Been in your state many times and have many friends there. I love the sounds of your books and you are a new author to me but one I am looking forward to reading. I am librarian for a small church library..a friend and I decided our church needed a library and it was voted for in Oct. and I was set up in Nov and it has been awesome. Many books of mine are there and we have been lucky to have donations to give us a nice selection of books. I have been around books nearly all my 65 years and love to read..I read all types myself but some can not be put into the library..don't want to shock anyone you know. teehee. Thanks for sharing your story with all of us and love the picture of you on the horse. Horses are animals I love too but do not have any. susan Leech

  8. Thank you for stopping by, Wanda. Good luck winning the book for your daughter.

  9. Hi Susan,
    I look forward to your reading my books! :) How nice that your church voted to set up a small library. Although my books are not racy, they ARE romances and most do have a sensual or spicy scene, so some of your church readers may not feel they're appropriate for your library. I sure wouldn't want anyone to be offended, so just a warning there. If you win the book, you can read and judge for yourself. Good luck!

  10. Hi Stacy, great excerpt. I am a long time paranormal fan and ghost stories are one of
    my favs. Hopefully the book will go on my TBR shelf when I win. LOL

  11. This book sounds great! I am a huge paranormal fan and have read alot of them but never one with a western twist. Look forward to checking this one out. The excerpt sounds so good I can not wait to read it. ...Mary

  12. Hi Earlene,
    I've loved ghost stories since I was a kid. Good luck!

  13. Hi Mary,
    It was fun combining a western story and ghosts. Be sure to stop back in on this blog on Thursday to read my article about haunted saloons out west.

  14. Who would have known that Maryland could be so much like Montana! This is a book I can't wait to get my hands on! Western, ghost story, and romance all rolled into one.


  15. Hi Stacey, I love the combo of the West and the paranormal! Sounds like a winner to me.

    Hi to Paul and have fun living the western life!

  16. Great interview, Stacey and Jacquie! Thanks for the intro to Haunted Twist of Fate--it sounds like an intriguing, romantic story!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

    WIN OR LOSE, I WILL BE READING " A Haunted Twist of Fate " !

  18. I love having someone I actually know publish a book that's just what I want to read! Loved what I've read so far and can't wait to catch up with the new book! Ann

  19. Thank you to Melissa, Tanya, flchen, moundsbar and Ann for dropping by yesterday. I appreciate your kind comments.

  20. I love the plot idea for A Haunted Twist of Fate, Stacey. I'm adding the book to my TBR list (and won't mind one bit if my name is drawn for a free copy). :)

  21. Stacey, I'm anxious to read your book " A Haunted Twist Of Fate". I have bought two of your books for friends of mine. Have you been back to FC in awhile. I am planning on going for the 175 birthday this summer. Would love to see you.

  22. Hi problem on your book and if it would be okay for my church library..I can read it myself and keep it for myself..many of my books I could not place in the library. It was to the point my 46 years old son commented.."mom are all those books really too bad for the library" This was after I went and sorted books for the library and ones I could not put there. Yes..Have more books that are not going to the library then ones I have donated. Hey I am 65 I think that is old enough to enjoy a racey book or a book that has some good details in them. ha susan Leech

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. I will be putting this on my wish list. THanks for a great post.

    musicalfrog at

  25. I've added it to my reading list. :)
    Theresa N

  26. Enjoyed the blog today. I'm adding this book to my list of those to get at the book store...thanks for the info. I enjoy reading about new books on blogs.

  27. Hi Leah,

    We were back in F.C. in July for my class reunion. Don't know when we'll make it back again. I'm pleased to hear you bought some of my books for friends. Thank you!


  28. Thanks for reading my post, Patricia, Theresa, and Patti. Unfortunately, Jackie, this book is not available in bookstores. You can always try to order it. Depending on your bookstore, they might order it for you. You can purchase the book on Amazon. Just type in my name and all my books are on the same Amazon page.

  29. WOW Stacey, A Haunted Twist of Fate sounds fantastic!!! The Old West with a paranormal twist...can't wait to read it! Will it be available on Kindle?

  30. Hi Melissa,

    Unfortunately, this book is not available on Kindle at present. It will be one year from now when it will be available on Kindle and in paperback. It is only available as a hardback edition for the time being. Maybe you'll win a copy.


  31. Ghost experience? I have had quite a few. When I first moved into my sis's house, she told me about the ghosts here. Two males and a female. I was sitting on my bed with my laptop on a laptop desk and all of a sudden I saw something peep up over the end of the bed. I thought it was my imagination and went back to chatting. It happened again. I called my sister later and asked her about the little boy and she was like OMG! You SAW him?!?! I described him and she was like yes that is him but she was surprised that he made an appearance in the master bedroom when he had only been seen in the living room. A few months later, I was dog watching my mom's dog and had just come home from work; it was about 2:30am. My youngest's room is the first on the right going up the stairs. I saw him laying on the bed with Zoe, the dog, watching TV and I kept on down to my room. My oldest's room is across from mine and I look in to say hi when I realized BOTH of my kids were in the oldest's room playing a game. I asked the youngest if he followed me down the hall and he was like, no he had been in my oldest's room for over two hours. I went back to the youngest's room and only the dog was on the bed. We figure the little boy likes me because I am a mother whereas my sister does not have any kids.

    I like the idea of buying an old house and a nice spirit lives with me.



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