Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chicken Dinner: Rodeo, Boomtowns, and Masquerades

by Jacquie Rogers

Boomtowns fascinate me because one day the land was pristine, but then the prospectors see color, tell someone about it, and within a matter of days, a whole city would be built. I grew up in a county that had several boomtowns, although only one has been preserved to any extent. Visit Cowboy Kisses and read about it: Silver City, Idaho Territory: Rowdy, Raucous, and Rich. Great pictures, too! My daughter took them. (Oh, and you still have time to win a free copy of Much Ado About Marshals!)

Speaking of Silver City, the newspaper (The Owyhee Avalanche) is still in business, and they have a feature called Looking Back... that gives us interesting insight into the people in the Old West. Here's an article from January 27, 1872:
THE MASQUERADE. The sheet and pillow-case masquerade ball last Wednesday evening, although not so largely attended as Silver City dancing parties usually are, was a complete success as far as real sociability and genuaine enjoyment were concerned. The affair was a novelty here, and, we believe, the first of a kind that ever took place in the Territory. Nothing occurred to mar the pleasure of the occasion. All who participated are immensely satisified and are in favor of having another of the same kind before the winter passes away.
Other news: and editorial in support of the 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution; an announcement that the income tax law expired the next year and due to unpopularity, wasn't expected to be reenacted (rates: 2.5% on incomes over $2,000); and a cure for red noses caused by drinking (a French physician, Dr. Bernier, used electrical shockouch). Also, Texas newspapers urged the annexation of Mexico to the USA.

Thanks to Heidi M. Thomas for contributing such great articles this week. Her grandmother was an early rodeo cowgirlyes, they rode rough stockand wow, Heidi has some great insights and authentic history for you. If you haven't read her article yet, it's Rodeo: Cowgirls Compete With Men

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