Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chicken Dinner: 2012 Begins with Panache

The holidays are over and now most of us are back with our noses to the grindstone. But 2012 promises to be pretty exciting, especially with Amazon's KDP Select turning the publishing industry on its ear. Readers can get great books for free and authors can elevate an otherwise lagging book in the marketplace. But what are the long-term effects? Tell me what you think.

Speaking of innovative programs, it's always good to start a new year by looking back at the old and seeing what we can make better. For an entertaining look at the publishing business, head over to Caroline Clemmons' blog where she hosts Earl Staggs and his article, Humorous History of Publishing. And it definitely is!

Colorful Character: Diamondfield Jack
Diamondfield Jack

Idaho and Nevada history was livened up a bit by a talkative fellow who was always searching for the big strike. That would be Diamondfield Jack. We first hear of him when he was employed at the Black Jack Mine in Silver City, Owyhee County, Idaho Territory (the general area where the Much Ado series is set). Read about his life from the Albion Valley Historical Society, and another great article at South Fork Companion.

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Tomorrow, please welcome RTW guest, Stacy Coverstone!

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