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Irish Christmas at Wolf Creek by Charlie Steel in O DEADLY NIGHT #christmas #western

Irish Christmas at Wolf Creek
a short story in
Wolf Creek, Book 10:

Romancing The West is pleased to present a double feature: Wolf Creek, Book 9, A Wolf Creek Christmas, and Wolf Creek Book 10, O Deadly Night.  Each volume contains six Christmas stories, all centering around Wolf Creek in 1871, written by award-winning western authors.  Today, RTW hosts new Western Fictioneer Charlie Steele, who's introducing his new Wolf Creek character. 

Charlie Steele
About Charlie

Charlie Steel, Tale-Weaver Extraordinaire, is a novelist and internationally published author of short stories. Steel credits the catalyst for his numerous books and hundreds of short stories to be the result of being a voracious reader, along with having worked at many varied and assorted occupations. Some of his experiences include service in the Army, labor in the oil fields, in construction, in a foundry, and as a salvage diver. Early in his life he was recruited by the US Government and spent five years behind the Iron Curtain. Steel’s work has been recognized and reviewed by various publications and organizations including Publisher’s Weekly, Western Fictioneers, and Western Writers of America. Steel holds five degrees including a PhD. He continues to read, research, and collect western literature. He is author of West of the Big River: The Forty-Niners. Charlie Steel lives on an isolated ranch at the base of Greenhorn Mountain, in Southern Colorado.

Charlie's story:
Irish Christmas at Wolf Creek

Kelly O'Brien has been a railroad worker and a buffalo hunter — now he has his heart set on becoming a rancher. His plans are interrupted, though, when he is kidnapped by a a cruel gang who intends to use him, and their other prisoners, for forced labor.

About Kelly O'Brien

Kelly O’Brien is riding west to Wolf Creek to search for and purchase a cattle ranch.  Since the Great Conflict he has worked and saved his money, finally gathering enough to follow his dreams.  Coming from the other side of a small rise he hears gunshots and knows from experience in the war that this is a shootout between a Springfield rifle, a Spencer, and several Henrys.  Daring to ride up the hill, he spies a wagon, a family held at gunpoint, a wounded horse and two dead men on the ground. A woman is weeping.  Dismounting, Kelly ties off reins and carefully makes his way below.  Raising his rifle and coming out into the open, he is about to defend the pioneers when he is struck senseless from behind.

Regaining consciousness, he finds a tough old man with a Spencer rifle standing over him. Four armed riders point weapons at an older couple, a youth, and a young woman.  Kelly quickly learns the son of the couple has been killed along with the young woman’s husband.  Within a few moments a jail wagon is brought up and the family is ordered into it.  Kelly is bound and is also forced into the back of the barred wagon.  The captives become aware that the five men are slavers and they have been captured to be used as laborers at a coal mine.

How the lives of the four family members, and Kelly O’Brien (along with other characters), come together, is revealed in this short story of imprisonment, escape, and hope for the future — on Christmas Day in Wolf Creek, Kansas.

My reason for creating character Kelly O’Brien, my ancestors were Irish and I know a great deal about Irish history — especially the Irish penal laws and the potato famine.

What's new from Charlie

West of the Big River: The Forty-Niners

The discovery of gold in California launched a stampede of fortune-seekers across the continent in search of wealth. Willing to face any hardship – outlaws, hostile Indians, bad weather, thirst, starvation, and the horrors of disease – they battled fiercely to overcome these challenges and seize their destiny. But sometimes the treasures they found were not the ones they were expecting . . .

The Forty-Niners is the fifth novel in the exciting West of the Big River series from the Western Fictioneers. Charlie Steel's story of courage, romance, and danger is based on historical incidents and vividly illustrates a compelling chapter in American history, recreating a lawless era that exemplifies both the best and the worst in a vital young nation!

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Wolf Creek Book 9: 

The Last Free Trapper 
by Jory Sherman
A Savior is Born 
by Meg Mims
That Time of Year 
by Jerry Guin
‘Twas the Fight before Christmas 
by Jacquie Rogers
A Kiowa Christmas Gift 
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Renewal of Faith 
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Wolf Creek, Book 10: 

Sarah’s Christmas Miracle 
by Big Jim Williams
Irish Christmas at Wolf Creek 
by Charlie Steel
A Home for Christmas 
by Cheryl Pierson
The Angel Tree 
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The Spirit of Hogmanay 
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O Deadly Night 
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  1. Jacquie,

    Thank you for posting this promotional review for me today and for doing so for all the other writers of WOLF CREEK'S books 9 & 10.

    Charlie Steel

  2. I like the fact that you not only introduce us to Kelly O'Brian, you give us a whole mini-cast of characters associated with him. Wolf Creek is growing by leaps and bounds, and I'm delighted to have you on the team with us.

  3. I agree with Troy, Charlie. I loved the mini-cast you introduced and I'll bet we'll be seeing more of them later, as well. Your story really had me on the edge of my seat!

  4. Thank you Troy. It is a real honor to part of the Wolf Creek writing team. It is a true feeling of gratification to be a member, to be published, and promoted by Western Fictioneers. I am sure I speak for all the other writers involved in this fabulous project.

    Thank you Cheryl. Glad you liked my story. Know what? I liked yours tool!


  5. Enthralling and erudite, Charlie. A great yarn. Just wanted to stop by before I fly out.

    I have The Forty-niners and look forward to reading it.

  6. Keith,

    Sir, your writing is not too shabby either, as I stated in the review of the first Wolf Creek book. As always, you are the consummate gentlemen.

    Have a great walk about.


  7. Charlie,

    Loved your story, but I won't be happy until Kelly is reunited with Sage!

    Jim Griffin

  8. Thanks Jim,

    I'm sorry but poor Sage was taken by the slavers and I don't think Kelly O'Brien is going to get him back.

    Appreciate the thought and it's something to ponder. Just maybe...???



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