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The Last Free Trapper by Jory Sherman: A WOLF CREEK CHRISTMAS #western

The Last Free Trapper
a short story in
Wolf Creek, Book 9:

Romancing The West is pleased to present a double feature: Wolf Creek, Book 9, A Wolf Creek Christmas, and Wolf Creek Book 10, O Deadly Night.  Each volume contains six Christmas stories, all centering around Wolf Creek in 1871, written by award-winning western authors.  Today, RTW has the honor of showcasing the story of one of the very best writers today, Jory Sherman

Jory Sherman
About Jory

Jory Sherman began his literary career as a poet in San Francisco’s famed North Beach in the late 1950s, during the heyday of the Beat Generation.  His poetry and short stories were widely published in literary journals when he began writing commercial fiction.  He has won numerous awards for his poetry and prose and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in Letters for his novel, Grass Kingdom.  He won a Spur Award from Western Writers of America for The Medicine Horn.  He has also won a number of awards from the Missouri Writers Guild, and other organizations. Literary critics consider Sherman to be among the top five western writers, according to Dale Walker, historian.  Warren French, former professor of literature at the University of Florida, wrote that: “Jory Sherman has a strange and powerful knowledge of language and an almost perfect ear.” Sherman continues to write novels and short stories as well as conduct writing workshops.  He lives in Pittsburg, Texas with his wife, Charlotte.  

Jory's story: The Last Free Trapper 
— can Roman Hatchett stay one step ahead of his past?

Mountain man Roman Hatchett has spent decades in the Rockies, but has finally admitted to himself the beaver aren't coming back.  He comes south to Wolf Creek, where his long-ago partner Casto Haston is running a tannery, to try out the buffalo hunting trade.  But Roman's past has tracked him to the Plains, and he will have to face it down...

About Roman Hatchett
In “The Last Free Trapper” we are introduced to Roman Hatchett. Roman is a fifty-ish mountain man, stern, quiet, and capable. He was a trapper in the Rockies since his youth, but has finally realized the beaver aren’t coming back and he needs to find another way to make a living. He has come down to the Plains to investigate the buffalo hunting trade. 
Gun for Hire

His old partner from decades past, Casto Haston, is doing quite well running a tannery in Wolf Creek. The two of them had been free trappers — that is, not attached to a company, but independent. Is the day of the free trapper over for good? Roman discovers that part of his past has been tracking him, and has followed him to Wolf Creek… and now he must face it.

Jory Sherman was unable to participate in this blog, due to a combination of ill health and mounting deadlines, but as series editor I volunteered to say a few words about his character. In a lot of ways, Roman Hatchett is Jory Sherman. He’s been up in the shining mountains for decades, showing the rest of us how it’s done; now that he is older, the world has changed… but he is not afraid to come down and face it head-on. He is the last free trapper, and it is an honor to have him in Wolf Creek.

Wolf Creek Book 9: 

The Last Free Trapper 
by Jory Sherman
A Savior is Born 
by Meg Mims
That Time of Year 
by Jerry Guin
‘Twas the Fight before Christmas 
by Jacquie Rogers
A Kiowa Christmas Gift 
by Troy D. Smith
Renewal of Faith 
by James J. Griffin

Wolf Creek, Book 10: 

Sarah’s Christmas Miracle 
by Big Jim Williams
Irish Christmas at Wolf Creek 
by Charlie Steel
A Home for Christmas 
by Cheryl Pierson
The Angel Tree 
by Chuck Tyrell
The Spirit of Hogmanay 
by Clay More
O Deadly Night 
by Troy D. Smith


  1. I consider us very lucky to have Jory participating in our venture!

    1. I admit to being a little (a lot, actually) starstruck to have my story in the same book with his. Makes me try to up my game some. What a word painter he is.

    2. Oh man! I had a tear in my eye after reading Jory's tale, and to think mine followed HIS!! wow. That's all I can say - what an honor indeed. Raising a glass to Mr. Sherman.

  2. You're quite a word painter yourself, Jacquie. You're going to bankrupt my entertainment fund just keeping up with your books. I don't want your to writer more slowly, though. Best wishes for the future!

    1. Thanks, Caroline. ♥ Jory's story is terrific. Seldom do you feel like you know a character as well as you know Roman Hatchett, yet there is little introspection. This is one story where a writer can learn how it's done--and the learning is downright enjoyable.

  3. Jory is such an incredibly talented author. I know you're very happy to be included in such amazing company, Jacquie.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Sarah! And yes, we're all happy Jory decided to throw in with us. :)

  4. What a fantastic writer Jory is. I edited a book for him (believe me I was in awe the entire time I was reading it!) and found only one minor "fix-it" place in the entire book. That was the easiest editing I've ever done, or ever expect to do. And what an honor!I loved Jory's story in A WOLF CREEK CHRISTMAS.

    Not only is Jory an excellent wordsmith, he is also a very kind person with a big heart. I'm so glad to see him featured here today--thanks Jacquie and Troy.


    1. What a pleasure that must have been, Cheryl (and an honor!).

  5. This is a great story by a great writer. Great atmosphere, beautifully written.


    1. Yep. It's worth the $2.99 just for his story alone.


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