Saturday, July 30, 2011

Links to the Old West

by Jacquie Rogers

This has been a busy week for me. Last week was Menage-a-Blog and my blog had so many comments, I nearly typed my fingers to the nubbins! Thanks to all, and if you left a comment, I hope you received your free book coupon.  If not, please let me know. 

But there's always time to do a little research for the next story.  Some people think this is work, but I call it fun, and in fact I have to limit myself.  Same with visiting museums.  I love museums! 

Anyway, take a look at some of the sites I visited this week:

Hungry Cowboys
Head on over to the Cowboy Showcase if you want to learn how to cook on the trail.  Dutch Oven Cooking with Floyd Crandall tells you how to heat, use, and clean a dutch oven.

Oregon Trail
At the Pathways of Pioneers site, historian Don Shannon tells about the tragic experience of a wagon train at Castle Butte, Idaho Territory, and their forty days of hell until 16 of 44 immigrants were finally rescued at what now is called Starvation Camp.

There's Gold In Them Thar Hills
Think the gold rush is over?  Someone forgot to tell that to about 367 members of the Idaho Gold Prospectors Association.  If you want to prospect for gold and have a little fun besides, check 'em out.

Gnarly Mountain Men
The first lucrative enterprise of the American West was fur trapping and trading.  John Jacob Astor made a pile of money from this business.  Jim Bridger (left) and his friends wanted in on the action and formed the Rocky Mountain Fur Company. 

Dressed in buckskins, wearing coonskin caps, and packing scalpin' knives, these men explored and trapped in every area of the West.  Some of the later "explorers" used these men's maps and lore.  Learn all about the trade, the men, and the business from Legends of America, Fur Trading in the American West.

Next week, RTW will host the talented Cheryl Pierson, so be sure to stop by and set a spell!

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  1. all this stuff sounds so great but i could not live back then. with all my illness i would be the the one who died at a early age. thanks joannie


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