Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Stirrings at RTW: Contests!!!

Monday Stirrings at Romancing The West
from Jacquie Rogers

Winner of Paty Jager's Spirit of the Lake is Anna Small! Thanks for stopping by Paty's RTW post, Anna. I hope you enjoy the book. :)

This is a busy week for me. Much Ado About Marshals goes to print.  Yay! Lots to do since Mélange Publishing is giving me some special treatment. (And I do a few things for Mélange, too, so it all works out.)

Also, it's Ménage-a-Blog Week.  It's a flirt to the finish!

Here's the schedule, starting with TODAY, so hie thee to these authors' sites for FREE books, a chance to win a Kindle, and enter to win each author's gift basket! (You'll find links to all the authors at the Blog Tour de Force website.  Please visit them!)

July 18th: Carolyn McCray, Deena Remiel, and Amber Scott
July 19th: Terri Giuliano Long, Rachel Thompson, Lacey Weatherford
July 20th: Regan Black, Judith Gaines, Jackie Chanel
July 21st: Theresa Ragan, Eden Baylee, Jacquie Rogers
July 22nd: The Final Flirt Off (winner of each day

Don't forget to stop by Romancing The West on Thursday, July 21st, and enter a comment on my blog. You'll get a Smashwords coupon for a free copy of Much Ado About Marshals, and a chance to win lots of prizes! Oh, yeah, it's a fun thing.

And if I out-flirt the awesome Theresa and the sizzling Eden, then I get to be in the Final Flirt Off, and you can win even MORE PRIZES!!! So please, please, please, leave a comment on my blog July 21st. :)


  1. Jacquie ~ Sounds like a fun time! I'll see you on Thursday. Practice up that flirting!

  2. I'm so excited I won! Can't wait to read Ms. Jaeger's latest and greatest!

  3. Tiffany, it will be! I've never participated in anything like this before so I'm excited about it.

    Anna, congratulations! Paty's book will be a special treat, for sure. :)

  4. Can't wait to flirt with you Jacquie, though you cowgirls are pretty hot!

  5. Jacquie!

    I love this blog! It's all good...and flirting with cowboys is a hobby of mine....

    Keep up the grand traditions, you cowgirl, you!

  6. woo hoo cowboys.... are real men... strong, lean and sexy.........yummy thoughts going thru my head....;D

  7. i used to could flirt so good. lol if was a contset i could be in it, but now 3 kids and 2 grankids later, lmso i wouldnt know how to be flirty just pushy and demanding and probaly eat off his plate if went out

  8. Good luck! I've been watching your tweet posts!


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